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UK Dried Meat Processor
The process of making natural dried meat for dog food is called rendering.  This process happens before it arrives in our manufacturing plant.  The rendering process of beef dries the meat and separates the beef from the bone and fat and the final product is dried meat pieces.
The dried meat arrives at our manufacturing plant, in West Yorkshire, in different sizes.  We then grade the dried meat into sizes which we call Dried Meat Terrier and Dried Meat Puppy.  Here at E and S Feeds we are contolled by DEFRA to insure that all meat products are dealt with in the correct manner.
Dried Meat products are a healthy and natural choice of treat for your dog.  The dried meat pieces are particular good for your dog’s teeth, as the pieces clean their teeth as they eat it.  Dried meat can also be used as a mixer.   In fact we also include dried meat in some of our complete foods.  
Our dried meat dog food is made from 100% British meat Greaves.  With a high protein level of 60% it can be a useful addition to a dog’s diet, but should not be used as a complete food.
We sell Dried Meat in treat packs and in 15 kilo bags.
We sell our Dried Meat as an ingredient for other dog food manufacturers and brands and it is available also to buy a tonne at a time.  Please contact us on 01535 681927