• LexveT Mineral Mix 22kg

    LexveT Mineral Mix 22kg

    LexveT Mineral Mix 22kg

    LexveT Mineral Mix is a  supplement recommended for all breeds and ages of horses

    Lexvet International – It's all in the balance

    Helping to improve your horses health and performance.

    LexveT Mineral Mix and LexveT B1 Cool mix are both supplements that contain macro minerals, trace minerals, vitamins and salts.  They are both effective in supplementing your horse with all the vitamins and minerals that could be lacking in their diet.  It even supplements horses diets that may be a little imbalanced.  As a good horse owner you will already be feeding your horse well, to give them the energy and protein that they need – LeveT products are a supplement, designed for the horse

    Lexvet Mineral Mix - For all Horses all the time –  including broodmares, weanlings, yearlings, stallions, performance horses, racehorses, pleasure, retired, and aged horses.  It is a general vitamin, mineral and salt supplement used by elite performance stables through to pleasure horses.

    A 22 kilo Bag will last a Pony between 10 months and 1year 9 months, a Cob between 7 months and 1 year 2 months and a Horse between 5 months and 10 months.  The difference comes in the amount of work the horse will be doing

    Calcium 119 g
    Phosphorous 79 g
    Magnesium 58 g
    Sodium 102 g
    Potassium 30 g
    Chloride 118g
    Zinc  2020 mg
    Copper  795 mg
    Iron (Ferrous) 1565 mg
    Manganese 978 mg
    Cobalt  7 mg
    Selenium 8 mg
    Iodine  4 mg
    Vitamin A 250,000IU
    Vitamin E 1250 mg
    Vitamin B1 300 mg
    Folic Acid 100 mg
    Ash  72%

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