• Complete Rabbit Food

    Complete Rabbit Food

    Premium Rabbit Mix

    A Natural Complete food for your rabbit.

    Our natural and high quality ingredients have been brought together to provide a nutritious balanced diet.

    Make sure you look after your rabbit’s health and well being – buy our supreme complete diet today.

    A complete and nutritious Rabbit Food to keep your pet healthy and happy.

    Cooked Peas, Cooked Maize, Cooked Wheat, Grass Pellets

    EEC permitted antioxidant Ethoxyquin
    Oil   2.4%
    Protein  16%
    Fibre  5.5%
    Ash  4.7%
    Vitamin A 1250 iu/kg
    Vitamin D3 125 iu/kg
    Vitamin E 6mg/kg
    Copper as Cupric Sulphate 3 mg/kg
    Selenium as Sodium Selenite 0.3 mg/kg


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