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Turmeric, related to Ginger, is a Rhizome. It contains over 200 compounds that synergistically work together to create this ‘superfood’. 

Turmeric has been used traditionally in the East for over 4000 years and is believed to hold ‘special powers’

We have teamed up with The Golden Paste Company and are the first UK Manufacturer to be able to formulate complete dog foods with added TurmerAid™.

TurmerAid™ is a bespoke blend of Turmeric. It has been formulated to optimise the Bio-Availability of Key Functional Ingredients: 


  • Turmeric
  • Linseed Oil
  • Black Pepper
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Yucca

It is an innovative take on the traditional way of feeding turmeric. TurmerAid™ is high in curcumin. It has a minimum of 5.1% curcumin. It is not irradiated or steam treated, preserving the key components within.

Unlike powders our complete dog food with added TurmerAid™ is ready to feed which means no more mess. We have done all the mixing and measuring for you. Just follow the easy to use feeding guide on the back of our bag.


Key benefits:

• Helps to Maintain a Healthy and Shiny Coat

• Aids digestion

• Positive effects on the micro flora that occur naturally in the dog’s stomach

• Support Healthy Joints

• Helps the Integrity of the Natural Defence Mechanisms

• Supports the body’s natural inflammation processes

• Aids recovery after exercise

• Supports the respiratory system

• Promotes Well-being and General Health

• Turmeric Contains a Minimum of 5.1% Curcumin

• Cracked Black Pepper to Aid Bio-Availability

• Linseed Oil to Aid Absorption of the Curucmin


TurmerAid™ is endorsed by Dr Doug English, an Australian Veterinarian of more than 40 years; he has been using Turmeric as a food supplement in his patients for years with incredible results. He is the founder of the Turmeric User Group which has over 250,000 followers!

We have formulated two complete dog food with added TurmerAid™ to suit different dogs and owners preferred feeding styles. To view our range please click here 


Please speak to your vet before starting any new diet, or contact our advice line on 01423 503319 for further information regarding any conditions, medications or supplements for compatibility with turmeric. 


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