Cobbydog - How To Switch Or Change Dog Food Brands | Switching To Cobbydog

How to change your dog's diet

changing dog foodThe best way to change your dog's food is to do it gradually. There may be many reasons for you to switch dog food;perhaps your dog is gaining or losing weight, your vet has recommended you do so, your dog has developed allergies or your budget has changed. The main thing is it to take it a step at a time, probably over the course of a week or so.

We recommend starting with a mixture of a quarter Cobbydog and three quarters of the current food each meal. Increase the amounts to half and then three quarters Cobbydog, until eventually you are sure that your dog’s digestion is fine and he is eating a full bowl of his favourite Cobbydog! Remember, the slower the transition the less chance there will be of upsetting your doggie's stomach

If you would like your dog to try a sample of Cobbydog please click on the doggy bowl at the bottom left hand side of this page!

Charlotte's dog Belle was getting an upset tummy on the brand her vet had recommended, so she took advice from fellow dog owners who recommended the switch to Cobbydog dog food. We thought the best solution to meet her particular dog's needs was to change dog food to our Lamb and Rice.  Ever since, Belle has been a picture of health and has recently given birth to four lovely puppies. Well done Belle!

From being a puppy, Kate's dog, a German Shepherd, was a very fussy eater. So she approached Cobbydog to ask if we may have a suitable food for her. We suggested Kate should switch dog food to Cobbydog Supreme Chunks. From day one she loved the food and wolfed it down! She's now an adult dog and full of the energy all German Shepherds should have.