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How our premium dog food is made

We know you want the very best dog food for your faithful friend.  That means you are looking for good quality dog food

A premium dog food should be as fresh as possible. At Cobbydog we continuously manufacture our good quality dog food - this means that when you place your order a fresh bag is delivered straight to your door.

We are a family owned business, and we pride ourselves on providing a first class service for all our customers, who include large manufacturers, distributors and pet shops. If they trust us to make high quality dog food then you can trust us too - that’s why we think ours is the best dried dog food for your dog.

We start by buying the finest ingredients. Everything we use for our good dog food comes from the same places that your own food does - all of our ingredients come from the human food chain. Then we mix them, continuously monitoring quality. Finally, we put the dog food into tough 15kg plastic bags to seal the freshness in.

We are a family company, so we offer a very personal service. The majority of our customers know our founder, Eddy Horner, by name and often speak to him when they call us to order their dog food. We have 40 years of experience, and in all that time we have striven to work with owners to formulate the very best dried dog foods that their dogs need and like! Let's not forget that your dog must find our quality dog food delicious so that he can remain your faithful and healthy friend.

Because Cobbydog are so well known for manufacturing good quality, wholesome complete dog foods, we think we make the best dry dog food in the UK. If you take a look at our range you will see that we provide a wide range of different textures and sizes of dog food.  Some are cereal based and some are kibble based. This is because we know that all dogs are different and they all have their own specific likes and dislikes.  Puppy food has smaller kibbles (for their little mouths) than, say, the adult Chicken & Rice and Lamb & Rice. The cereal based products, such as Cobbydog Original, Supreme and Country Delight have a range of textures, from the meaty goodness of dried meat to cereals and wheat.

All our premium dog food can also be soaked in water before feeding, which again changes the texture. For an extra treat you could moisten your dog’s meal by adding some tasty gravy to the food.

We even have a good complete dog food for a dog who is a Fussy Eater! Try Supreme Chunks, which is covered in a delicious oil and molasses based coating. It seems to work every time!

So, do you think we make the best dried dog food for your dog? Why not let us know.