Cobbydog - Common Nutritional Problems | Help & Tips | Allergies, Obesity

Common nutritional problems and tips to keep your dogs healthy

We offer advice on canine skin problems, allergies, obesity and under-feeding

Skin problems

There are many reasons why dogs develop skin irritations, one being lack of a good quality dog food diet. All dogs need a healthy balanced diet and dry, flaky skin can be a sign your dog is not gaining essential nutrients. Cobbydog Nutrition provides everything your pet requires for a healthy skin, coat and tip top immune system. Try our healthy dog food today.

Allergies to food

Like humans, some dogs can develop allergies or can become sensitive to certain ingredients in their diet e.g. dairy, wheat, beef.
Such allergies usually present themselves as skin irritations or an upset bowel. If you suspect that your dog is allergic to an ingredient in their food do consult your vet as they are sure to be able to help. Do not give up hope as there are many good quality dog foods available, which are less likely to trigger allergies in our healthy canine friends.

Cobbydog Chicken and Rice and Cobbydog Lamb and Rice are complete dog foods which are both wheat and gluten free and Cobbydog Original is full of top quality ingredients and is therefore less likely to trigger allergies.
Obesity in dogs

To ensure you keep your healthy canine try to substitute the dog food treats with lots of love and attention and try to get out and about just a little more each day. The exercise will have obvious health benefits for both of you!   Exercise, combined with good dog nutrition, is the key to a healthy dog.

Underweight or under-feeding?

This is a difficult question as there is no “one size fits all” answer for a healthy canine. However, we do have a feeding guide which can give you an approximate amount to ensure your dog is fed correctly. Symptoms of under-feeding can result in obvious weight loss, lack of energy and a susceptibility to ailments. Dogs must be provided with the dog nutrition they need and this comes from a good diet and healthy dog food. Please consult a vet if you suspect your dog could be underweight.

Would you like advice on other canine nutritional problems or issues? Just let us know. We'd like to help.