Cobbydog - Keeping your dog entertained inside this winter
Winter can be a testing time of year for both dog and owner. The extreme weather conditions and lack of daylight hours can make it hard to give your dog the exercise they need. Like us dog can become bored and tired of being cooped up inside.
Here are a few things you can do with your dog this winter to help keep them occupied and in regular exercise:
Play inside games with your dog
Hide and seek is a great indoor game you can both play. To distract your dog while you hide, throw them a treat while you hide in a different room. This can help tire your dog out and they’ll love rushing around trying to find you. 
Tug is also an enjoyable game for dogs. It can help build their self control and trust. 
Teaching your dog new tricks
Being indoors gives you a great opportunity to build the trust and bond with your dog. To keep them occupied you could try teaching them a new trick. This will mentally stimulate your dog and this can sometimes be just as tiring as physical exercise. 
Playing fetch on the stairs
This is a great way to help your dog get some exercise this winter. Throw their favourite soft toys or balls up the carpeted stairs (to help prevent slipping) and have your dog race up and down to fetch them back to you. This is a great way to tire them out. If your dog isn’t good with stair then try playing indoor fetch in a wide open area of the house. 
Sign your dog up to a class
This is a great way for your dog to get some exercise and to socialise with other dogs and people.  You could search for indoor agility or swimming classes. Your dog will have fun whilst learning something new. 
Most dogs love their toys. Toys can be a great way to keep your dog entertained. To help prevent them becoming bored of their toys, regularly rotate them. This will help keep them interested for longer.
Encourage your dog to scavenge
Dogs will spend most of their waking moment scavenging for food. Use this to your advantage by getting your dog to hunt for their meal. Instead of using their usual dog food bowl try putting their kibble in a dog food puzzle. This will be a good challenge for your dog. Kong toys are another good way to keep your dog scavenging. Try stuffing some treats inside. They will spend ages trying to get them out. 
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