Cobbydog - Keep your dog cool in summer heat

Our top tips to help you keep your dog cool in the English Summer heat!

Top tips to keep your dog cool in the summerIt’s hard to believe sometimes that we can get scorching summers, or even a few days of heat on the trot, but yes we can, even up here in the North of England!
It is during these times that we must take extra care and be extra vigilant with our dogs.  Their big furry coats come in useful most of the year, but during warm spells dogs find it more difficult to expel warmth from their bodies.  In fact they don’t really sweat like humans.  The main way that they attempt to cool themselves down is though panting.  
As responsible dog owner we need to take steps to prevent heat exhaustion in our dogs.  Heat exhaustion can occur when dogs have undertaken too much exercise in warm weather or are kept in a hot environment such as a car or in the sun.  

When to be out and about

Take short walks early morning or late evening when the sun has set.  The air is easier to breath then and the ground is cooler.

Let them stay at home

As much as we love to be with our dogs, if you are planning a trip out in the car, the kindest thing to do is leave your dog at home.  Cars can become very hot, even when the air temperature is fairly cool.  Your dog will be able to find somewhere cool to rest at home, maybe on a tiled floor.

Water and plenty of it

Keep plenty of fresh cool water available at all times.  If you are outside place the bowl in a shady spot.  Dogs need to replace the fluid that has been evaporated through panting.

Sprinklers and paddling pools

Many dogs enjoy using a child’s paddling pool in warm weather.  These can be bought in many local stores.  Another alternative is a sprinkler! 

Find a shady spot

If you do happen to be out in the middle of the day please try your best to find a shady spot for your dog.  Dogs paw pads are very sensitive and are susceptible to getting burnt.  If you can’t hold the back of your palm down comfortably on the ground for five seconds then it is too hot for your dog.

Don’t give your dog a hair cut

We might think that their hair or fur is making the situation worse, but it is actually creating a buffer from the heat. 
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