Cobbydog - Keep your dog calm in a thunderstorm

 Top tips to help keep your dog calm throughout a thunderstorm

Whilst storms can be quite spectacular and exciting for humans, dogs can find them extremely distressing.  As dog owners we obviously want to help them cope the anxiety and here our our tips to help you.
1. Start to handle thunderstorms in a positive way from early on in the dogs life.  
The anxiety that dogs have around thunderstorms can get progressively worse, so dog owners should take action at the first signs of distress. We believe providing a positive or distracting stimulus is a good way to calm your dog down.  This could be playing a game, offer treats, and lots and lots of cuddles
2. Provide a safe warm place for your dog to go in a storm.  If your dog has a crate this may be their “safe” haven.  A big warm comfortable bed may be another option.
3. Close windows, doors and curtains to try and block as much noise out as possible.  It may also help to play some soothing music.
4. Stay with your dog and reward your dog’s calm behaviour.  Rewarding calm behaviour throughout the year would also be beneficial.
5.  There is a product on the market at the moment called a Thundershirt, which  many owners have found to have worked.  The Thundershirt provides a gentle soothing pressure on the body of your dog.
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