Cobbydog - Caring for your dog this winter



During the winter months some dogs feel the cold just like we do, more so if they are not used to the cold. Some dogs have been bred to cope with winter better than us. It is important to take into account your dogs breed, age and health when thinking about how to keep your dog warm this winter.

It’s recommended to trim the hair around your dogs paw pads. This will help prevent snow and ice balling up into their pads. After walks you should check your dog’s paws for any cracks or sores and rinse them well. This is to help remove any salt, grit or snow chemicals that they may have picked up. If these are not rinsed off thoroughly they can cause your dogs paws to become sore and in some cases the chemicals are toxic to dogs

Grooming your dog is very important. Clipping, trimming and shaving your dogs coat should be avoided because their full winter coat helps provide insulation against the cold. Instead thoroughly brushing your dogs coat and combining out any knots.

If you have to bath your dog make sure you do so indoors in warm water and then dry them as quickly as possible to help prevent your dog catching a chill. It will take your dog longer to dry off in the cold weather. 


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