Cobbydog - Are you ready to rehome a rescue dog?

Are you ready to re-home a rescue dog?

Adopting a dog from shelter or rescue centre, has many advantages.  The most important one is that you are saving a dog’s life.  Rescue dogs in rehoming centres are always healthy, very well looked after and have all the necessary vaccinations and are already spayed and neutered.  There are many factors to consider which may influence your decision as to whether to adopt a dog or not. Maybe some of the questions below will help you decide if adopting a dog is for you.

How do all your family members feel about adopting a dog?

Before the big decision is made as to whether to adopt a dog or not, each person in a household should express their views on whether they will support the adoption.  Who will be responsible for the dog walking?  Are they happy to do it? Do they have time to do it?  Everyone with responsibilities for looking after the dog should be totally on board.

Look for breed specific characteristics 

Research the breed and the actual dog in kennels or a rescue. Know what you are looking at. Consider all your circumstances and who will be involved in looking after the dog. Match the right dog. There is no point in having a young boisterous dog or high energy dog like a Collie if you work all day.     Greyhounds need less long walking and shorter bursts of running. They are then good to be left for longer periods. Speak to the rescue and know what the dog’s characteristics are and research the breed thoroughly. Know your lifestyle. Will you have time to train and care for an intelligent dog that might get bored easily like a puppy?

Can you afford the time and the money involved in adopting a rescue dog? 

The price of keeping a dog can quickly add up.  Before you commit to adopting a dog ask yourself if you can afford all the costs that adopting a dog could incur e.g. Vets bills, accidents, illness, insurance, food, toys, bedding, pet sitting when you are out for a long time and boarding for holidays.  It is also only fair to a rescue dog that you are committed to spending time with it.  A couple who work full time are not really in a suitable position to be rehoming  a dog.  Dogs need love, care, attention and training.  Have you got enough time for this?

Do you have somewhere to walk them?

What are the local walks like?  Are they dog friendly?  Can you take your dog off the lead? Do you have a safe garden that you can allow your dog to use?  

How can your community or local area help?

Check for support groups locally and organised walks for support and socialisation of the dog.  Is there a vet nearby?   
These are just a few of the questions that new dog ownes are faced with.   Take the adoption process slowly.  Don't rush into a decision that could be the wrong one for you, your family and the dog.  Rescue dogs have already been rejected once and are desperate for a loving home.