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Our wonderful Cobbydog Community of dog owners have helped us to formulate top tips for dog owners. 


Commitment and love

First and foremost, a dog is a huge responsibility so make sure you can commit for the life of the dog!  With lots of love and care a dog becomes a member of your household and helps their owner to lead an even healthier and happier life too.
Sandra tells everyone to “love your dog loads!” and Roxanne tells us to “give them an extra long hug every night. They don't live as long as we do.”
Dogs thrive on routine – Regular feeding times, exercise and a safe and quiet place to sleep.  Exercise for your dogs should be fun too – let them run and play, let them sniff the ground and roll in the grass and dig in the mud. It's all part of a dogs life!
Enjoy your dogs, have fun, get out and about and love in abundance,  the more you give the more you get back.


Register your dog with a Vet as soon as they join your family.  Don't wait for an emergency, or for them to get sick.   Be prepared  - pop down to your local surgery, register your dog, make sure they are chipped and up to date with their vaccinations.  It's a dog owners worst nightmare to lose their dog, and we seem to be hearing more stories everyday through facebook of dogs who are either lost or stolen.  Along with a microchip,  ID badges on your dogs collar could help in the quick and safe return of your dog.  
Regular grooming and bathing are also essential.   Start as you mean to go along by regularly brushing your dog.  We also advise daily brushing of your dogs teeth.  Here's an inside tip too “Use a non medicated shampoo and vinegar when washing your dogs. It gets rid of fleas better than any flea treatment” Thanks Julie for that tip!
Care for our communities too!  It's incredibly important to be considerate to other people and dogs.   One way we can do this is by picking up dog mess – let's all play our part in keeping our communities clean and safe. Don't forget your poo bag – Plastic is Fantastic!


Many of our fellow dog owners have sent in their top tips for training and here they are
Danielle says “Be consistent even when bringing a puppy into the house, you can't suddenly change rules when they start to grow up. It's lovely having a puppy laid on your knee on the sofa but is it as lovely when you have a full grown dog trying to push you off as its become 'their' spot?”
Lyndsay tells everyone to “be consistent with your training, so the dog becomes a well adjusted member of your household. Loads of cuddles, plenty of exercise and fun and quality food.”
Penny explains that we need to show “Lots of love and patience. Don't expect too much too soon especially with puppies; lots of kisses and cuddles, never use harsh discipline or voice.”  
Melissa tells us “If a puppy is mouthing or nipping you (as they do) yelp in a high pitched tone. They learn through their siblings that they have bitten too hard, so you are just replicating this. It stops them in their tracks!”
Lyndsay advice is “Silence. Direct eye contact with raised eyebrows often works better than a telling-off.”
Jess also asks us to “remember that mental training i.e. teaching tricks/commands is just as tiring if not more so than physical exercise. so don't panic if you can't get your dog out when the weather is bad. spend the time teaching your dog something new to learn.”
Please let us know what is hot and what is new!  Provide us with the latest tips and advice for fellow dog owners and we'll post it on here for you.

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