Cobbydog - Testimonials About Our Dog Food, How Dogs Love Our Products

Owner's write about Cobbydog products and our service, on their dog's behalf.

"I have two Jack Russell’s aged 15 and 11, the 15 year old Bitch can be very fussy and in her old age, mobility is reducing. As I have been feeding Turmeric to her for joint health and condition, having a dog food that contains this and the correct dosage simplifies feeding and it is very convenient. They both absolutely love the Golden Delight with added TurmerAid and we have noticed an improvement in both their condition and what we pick up! Thank You Cobby Dog!" Will, North Yorkshire
"I was lucky enough to get a sample of Golden Delight. My wee pup Bedlington x Chihuahua had very scurfy dry skin and was very itchy. Started him on this feed a few weeks ago no more itching and his coat is now sooooo shiny couldn’t be more pleased. Will be ordering some" Alison Winterburn, Cummertrees
"We received our sample of Golden Delight with added Tumeraid a few days ago for the dogs. Having tried them on it for the first time last night, it’s safe to say it’s a hit!! Sprocket is very fussy, but as you can see he loves it. Great way to get the essentials into him as treatment for his arthritis. Thanks cobbydog." Michelle Law, East Sussex
"Jessie my smooth fox terrier,loves your Country active. As an eighty year old I have a job to keep up with her. Thanks for the next day service" 
(Spot the dog) Gil Taylor
  "I'm a 6year old Flat Coated Retriever and have been enjoying my Cobbydog for nearly 3 years and absolutely love it! It keeps me healthy and strong with a very shiny coat. I can't wait to get stuck in after my afternoon walk but I wish my Boss would hurry up and open the bag!" 
Alison, Cornwall
"We have a 2 year old working cocker spaniel, the breeder recommended Cobbydog to us.  Millie loves Cobbydog Chicken & Vegetables and we are impressed with the ease of online ordering and the prompt delivery service. Cobbydog is certainly great value for money!"
Vanessa & Millie
"Tyco who is a lurcher (greyhound/springer spaniel cross).  He’s around 4-5 years old and as you can see he has had his front leg amputated.
Because he only has three legs we have to be careful about maintaining his weight so we decided to switch his food to Cobbydog Adult as it’s low in protein and suitable for the less active dog.  He was quite active when he was younger but is definitely slowing down a little bit these days.  Since he’s been on Cobby dog he has dropped around 2kg and although that doesn’t sound like too much for him it’s a big deal is it’s less pressure on the remaining front leg.
As you can see his coat his healthy and he’s bright and happy.
We absolutely love Cobbydog and their online order service is simple and easy to use and the order normally arrives the next day."
Tracy Dodd
"We swapped Bella to Cobbydog supreme chunks on the recommendation of a good friend, Clare whose dog Ted was very happy and content with the food. Since Bella has started on Cobbydog Supreme Chunks, she is extremely fit and very healthy according to our vet".
Zoe Wood
Tweed is our 12 year old, blind border collie, and although he has all of his teeth, they are very worn down. He was beginning to find chewing his regular food quite difficult as the biscuits were too big. He was also getting a little "portly". Although he does run freely with my two other dogs he can't excerise as much as he used to. Then I discovered Cobbydog Adult - for the less active dog, and decided to try it. The biscuits are quite small and round, and we soak them in a little warm water. He absolutely LOVES it, and devours his tea with relish every day. The added bonus is that he has also lost the little bit of excess weight he had  gained, and has maintained his condition and energy levels. He has now been eating Cobbydog Adult for about 6 months. Ordering online is easy, and next day delivery is brilliant - excellent product and excellent service - Tweed is happy and healthy and I can't ask for more than that !!!  As Tweed is in his "twilight" years, his wellbeing is very important, and the quality of his food plays an important part in that.  He is doing really well on Cobbydog, and the service we have received has been excellent - credit where credit is due xxx
Lyndsay Nicholson and Tweed
Rosa has been eating Cobbydog since she was born.  She really likes eating it and we buy it is because it is not over processed like some dog foods. It's really convenient to buy as we order via Cobbydog website and it arrives within 48 hours.
Paul McGonnell,with Rhodesian Ridgeback Rosa 
We first discovered Cobbydog when our 6 month Cockapoo, Millie, won a bag at a dog club. She took to it straight away with no digestion problems changing from our other more expensive food.  She is fit healthy and has a lovely shiny, curly coat.  All this and half the price of our other food.
Chris Mileham 
I have an Alsation and a Yorkshire Terrier. They love your Cobbydog dog food. My Yorkshire Terrier used to be a fussy eater but now since I started her with Supreme Chunks, she loves the stuff!
Mrs Buckingham
Dusty is a fun filled Patterdale Terrier, with heaps of energy. To ensure Dusty can lead a very active day, every day he needs a healthy well balanced diet. Cobbydog Beef and Vegetable is an excellent way to ensure he gets the correct balance he requires.
M  Peers.
I have fed my dogs with Cobbydog for a while now. The product & delivery are second to none . Alfie, our Bull Terrier, can verify this with the amount of 'dog in best condition' categories he gets placed in at the dog shows we attend.
Julie Roberts
My dog loves your food.   I no longer need to add oils to his feed as your food contains it.  He previously suffered with a dry coat, now it shines. I love your door to door service; the longest I've waited after ordering is 2 days but usually it's delivered the next day.
Angela Nelson 
I have tried different varieties of dried complete foods for my 3 springers over the past 4 years and after 2 bags they start to turn their noses up and had to change. They have been on Supreme Chunks from Cobbydog from June 2010 and are still excited to see it in their bowls!!
Sam Woolley 
Stella has become a Cobbydog addict and will not eat other branded food. All of our dogs love the food and we have had great service so far and when they see that big blue bag they know what's in it and cant wait for tea. Thank you for providing us with a great value superb quality food.
Dannie Howens
Jack, my black Labrador is nearly six and looks sleek and shiny. He smells gorgeous and has great teeth. He really enjoys his Cobbydog Lamb and Rice. It's half the price of his previous feed so he thinks this means he should get a bit more! To compromise we supplement him with the odd pigs ear.
Camilla Mumford
Honey loves Cobbydog and i think its the best value food out there. The choice is also very good so your pets can have a different food to keep them happy, it really is one of the best, keep up the good work.
Paul Raper
Our Labradoodle Monty won a sample of Supreme chunks at a dog show and even though it was sealed our other dogs couldn't resist sniffing it. At feeding time they devoured it with gusto. I ordered a further bag online and it arrived within 24 hours with no problem at all. Monty now has a much better looking coat because of the oil in the food and both he and us are really pleased with the product to such an extent that we have recommended it to all our friends and relatives.
Pete Eeles
Husky loves her Cobbydog dog food and wins prizes at shows.Elizabeth Littlewood -Dee Dee loves Cobbydog. She wins most of her food and always eats it all.  I let my friend have some and her dog loves it too. You must try it your dog will love it!



Perfectly Healthy Daschunds eating the best dog food for them



We won some of the above food at a show recently and we have to tell you how impressed we are.  For many years we have fed raw tripe and Bozita Robur, a Swedish dry food with no additives.  Then we had 2 puppies who decided they did not like the food and refused to eat.  That was the start of a battle that we have never encountered with dachshunds – they are usually greedy dogs! We have tried everything for these 2 puppies.  We have fed every known brand of dry food, including all the top names – Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Pedigree etc etc.  We even bought Frolic, semi moist to no avail.  I won your food at the Lancashire and Cheshire Dachshund last Sunday and offered it to the puppies Sunday evening with some cooked meat on top.  I was amazed when they both wolfed it down – that is the first time in 12 months that either of them have put their heads down and really enjoyed food!  They have continued eating since Sunday and we are thrilled to bits.  We will in future feed all our dogs your food – as soon as we run down our stocks we will order from you.

Thank you so much – we wish we had known of you before.
Kind regards
Sue and Bernd

Good quality dog food from prize winning dogsWell to be truthful I had never heard of cobbydog untill April 2011, that was when I started entering fun dog shows. I would win a class and get given Cobbydog, I have 3 border collies, and they can have quite sensative tummies, so I was a bit nervous to try their winnings on them,  so to say.  Well I needn't have been worried, they have never had one upset tummy, they love the food, eat every scrap, I don't even have to tempt  them with added tuna or chicken etc.  Their favourite kind of Cobbydog is Supreme Chunks.  They eat it like there is no tomorrow.  So all I can say is thank goodness I started entering fun dog shows, because not only do my dogs get lovely rosettes for being lovely happy doggies, but I discovered a brand of dog food that is fantastic and you only have to see the dogs smell the food through the bag, to know they are going to enjoy it.
Thank you Cobbydog for coming into my dogs lives.
Karen Sanders




"We started feeding our Welsh Springer's the Lamb and Rice at the start of the year and I have to say they look great on it. They have plenty of body and it agrees with their stomachs, which can not be said for lots of foods on the market and being welsh who are well known for turning their nose up at food, they bowls are licked clean.

We have got quite a few Welshie owners who have put problem eaters onto Cobbydog and all agree it spikes their appetite and they keep on eating it.  In fact our youngest Louis would not eat the puppy food sent with his breeder he wanted what the big boys were eating and was having Lamb and Rice from five months old and done him no harm"
Marion McArdle  


Julie Roberts feeds her dogs on Cobbydog and sent us these photos of Alfie.Alfie loving his best dry dog food.  Cobbydog


She tells us "I think Alfie was very happy to get his Cobbydog.  He'd ripped a big hole in it and started eating before l'd even taken the blue wrapper off ! .... He does love his Cobby dog.Alfie digging into his best dog food, Cobbydog"



Alfie has won a Competition of ours too. Take a look at our  Previous Competitions.  You'll find him in the Fancy Dress competition.  He also wins many "best condition" prizes in Companion Dog Shows. 


A few weeks ago we were in such a panic as we found out that the company whose dog food we used had gone into administration, and we couldn't find anything like V*****n anywhere.  Then my husband remembered Cobbydog which he used to use for his dogs some 15 years ago.  We searched online and found your site and were pleased to find that you sold a very similar product, so we decided to give it a go with biscuits added - Country Delight.
Tiny is a 12 - 13 year old rescue German Shepherd who had been nearly starved and breed to death and she had trouble accepting food.  For 4 years we have only been able to feed her V*****n, now after just 3 weeks she has accepted your Country Delight.  This was a great leap for her and a great change for our new 5 year old Border Collie, Penn,  who had been fed only sweet stuff, scraps and what she could scavenge.  Now she is a healthy well shaped collie and like Tiny loves Country Delight. Many thanks for a brilliant dog food.
Lydia & Dave

The service has always been prompt and the goods arrive within 3 days of being placed. Any queries we have had always been answered promptly. It is so nice to find a company with such great service and of course the product is so good.
Laura Bailey

I have been feeding my dogs Cobbydog dog food for 14 years now. I am using Cobbydog Adult and my dogs are very fit and healthy. I have recommended Cobbydog dry dog food to many other dog owners over the years.
Mrs Antill

I have an Alsatian and a Yorkshire Terrier. They love your Cobbydog dog food. My Yorkshire Terrier used to be a fussy eater but now since I started her with Supreme Chunks, she loves the stuff!
Mrs Buckingham

Our dogs, which are a picture of health, will only eat Cobbydog. Bearing in mind the distance involved getting our deliveries could have been a nightmare but over the years you have provided us with the most excellent service. Thank you.
Christina Ketley

I have been feeding Cobbydog to my Siberian Husky for some time now. She seems to enjoy the taste, and is fit, healthy and in excellent condition.
Craig Wood

"I asked a farmer some years ago what he fed to all his dogs and Cobbydog was the answer. That's how our Border Collie first came to have it, a recommend from someone who should know! The Company plus  its service and supply is great and the food has an advantage of being served dry or wet as preferred. Clive and Meg"

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