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Dogs on holidays - August 2012


It's friendly competition time

Wow - What a response we have received this month.  The photos have been out of this world!!! What lovely holidays your best friends have.  Thank you so much for sharing your precious memories with us. 

Our first prize goes to Dee DeeBeautiful dog wins dog food competition





beautiful dogs win dog food in dog food competitionbeautiful dogs win dog food in dog food competitionOur joint second prizes go to Astra and Jake on top of Scottish mountain and Cassie in the sea!






Each month we will be holding a new competition. Just like a companion dog show, we'll give you and your dogs the chance to win in many different classes. Have a go! Win a free bag of dog food.   Join our new competition for the best photo in the class of "the best dog on holiday.... !"  We can't wait for the entries for this one!   You never fail to surprise us!!    Join in and send us  your entries and be in with a chance of winning a free 15 kilo bag of our dog food. Email entries to cobbydog@live.co.uk  Please only send photos of dogs that belong to you! All entries will receive a unique discount code for a discount at our checkout ;0)

Best dog food online competition - Kath Dingle's dog on Holiday.


Best dog food online competitionHere is a picture of proud Barnaby our 9 month old cockapoo on holiday in Fishguard in Wales in the caravan after winning 4 rosettes in the Fishguard dog show!

Best Dog Food Online competitionKate Popple's Maggi.

Best Dog food online Competition

Pam Barnard's Kizz and Peppa, Mother and Daughter on holiday near Rye 

Best dog food online competition

And Peppa after rolling around in the mud and really enjoying herself.
Best Dog Food Online CompetitionP.J from leeds in  Scotland, Ardfern, Nr. Lochgilphead, Argyllshire & Islands
Our best dog food online competitionPJ in Scarborough
Our best dog food online competitionStefan Burzynski
Our best dog food competition onlinePatsy Courtney's Bobby drying off after her swim.
Dog's on holiday and in competition for our best dog foodP Field's Ruby and Rocky enjoying the summer sunshine at the caravan.
Dog food online competitionCat Hepburn's Biggles (black and white) and Charlie (liver and white) enjoying a
summer game of football.
Dog food online competitionThis is Fly, our 15 year old Border Collie on a beach on The Gower Peninsula, with her best friend, my daughter Morgan. I love this photo because Fly looks so happy and carefree, on what turned out to be be her last holiday, as sadly we lost her a little later that year. So many happy memories of a fabulous friend. Thank you . Lyndsay Nicholson
Cobbydog - our best dog food competitionHere is Rafa on holiday in Cornwall with us (Newquay) this summer, Vicky Irvine
Cobbydog our best dog food online competitionKerrie 1
Cobbydog's best dog food competitionKerrie 2
Cobbydog's best dog food online competitionHere is  picture of our dog Leo on holiday - he is drying out after a dip in the River! Caroline McCabe
Cobbydog's best food competitionThis is my dog Mac on holiday in his shades that are really mine. Kerry Bradford
Our best dog food competition - CobbydogAmber .  As you can see she is not fond of the salty sea but still loves to swim in it! Lucy Hodson
Dog food online - photo competitionAstra & Jake on a weekend away at Achiltibuie with Suilven. Fran
Our best dog food online competitionRocco on holiday on Oban beach.
Suzanne Cooke
Dog food competition - join in the funBrandy drying off after her swim.  Kathleen Tepperies
Dog food online - family company with 35 years experienceChevy and myself in Lapland.  Kathleen Tepperies.
wonderful photo of dogs for dog food competitionAll 7 of our dogs on holiday up in Lochcarron Wester Ross views over to Plockton and Skye in the back ground    Fiona Neilson Borestone Boxers.
Dogs on holiday for our dog food competition this monthSzilvia Nemeth
Donna Copland's dog Summer, on holidayThis is Summer having an afternoon nap with my grandson Harry on holiday. There's nothing like afternoon snuggles!
Donna :-))
Rebecca Boococks dogs.  These pictures were taken on the Flappit in Cullingworth both these girls eat Cobbydog every week. They normally have Chicken and Rice or Lamb and Rice.  Willow is the big older dog and Gracie is the smaller slightly younger dog.
Dogs on holiday  - dog food competition
Our best dog food competition - dogs on holidayGwneth Roberts.  This is Fynn, my quiet gentle lurcher lad.He was rescued and was scared of everything at first.It took 2 years for him to become the lovely relaxed dog you see here.  There is nothing he likes more than to be outside with his "pack" sniffing the air and watching the world go by.  Here he is by the sea on the Lleyn Peninsula probably thinking about the run he is going to have later, on the beach below.  He is always very eager to visit the beach,but not so enthusiastic when it`s time leave!
Dog food online competitionMy rescued longdog William has lots of character.He was dumped in the welsh hills as a puppy and took 3 weeks to catch him! He can be quite 
snooty (that`s the saluki in him) but once he gets to know you he`s incredibly funny and loving.  As you can imagine there is nothing he likes more than to run free and at great speed.Trouble is he knows he`s fast and teases dogs into chasing him and then he`s off, leaving them far behind!  Here he is on a welsh beach,one of his favourite holidays as he can gallop the length of the beach and splash around in the water with the occasional rest to get his breath back.
Dog Food online competitionElizabeth Littlewood's Dee Dee.
Complete dry dog food for hypoallergenic dogsDebbi-Jayne Challenger.  Here are a couple of pics of my dogs. Maddie (tri) and Cashmere (tri red merle) on their holidays at Waxham Sands.
Complete dog food for hypoallergenic dogs
Dog food, hypoallergenic dog food online competition
Nala 2 year old Rescue Rottie 'Which way is the beach?' Kylie Evans.
complete dog food, complete dog food, hypoallergenic dog food competitionPaula Crossland's dogs "just chilling out."
dog food, complete dog food, our best dog food competitionSharon Perry's Fitzrovia Perry.
Dog food, dry dog food, complete dog food competitionCharlie chilling in the caravan Skegness!
Waiting for somebody to scratch his tummy, its all about position. Kirstie {;-)
dog food, dog food online, our best dog food competitionTrudi's 9 year German Shepherd x bitch Zena enjoy a camping holiday in the tent back in july this year .
Dog food, dog food online, our best dog food onlineKaren Woodage - This is Charlie our rescue GSD with Ruby our Chihuahua X Jack Russell.
dog food, dog food online, Cobbydog's best dog food competitionThis is our  Siberian Husky Koda on holiday last year on Newquay Beach, helping his best friend, Ben out building a sandcastle! Jocelyn Carter.
dog food, dog food online, our best dog food competitionAnthony Croft.
dog food, our best dog food, hypo allergenic dog food competitionAnd Anthony Croft's Misty.
dog food, dog food online, our best dog food competitionMary Wilde - Here is Molly on her holidays in Yorkshire many years ago. She was about 16 when this was taken and lived til she was 18

dog food, dog food online competitionDebbie Newton - This is sprocket watching the world go by at Hunstaton

dog food online competitionLindsay Johnson's Henry enjoying a long walk in the sunshine..... In Warwickshire.

Dog Food online competitionBarney fishing for trout! (He didn't catch any!)    Sharon Moncrieff





dog food, good dog food, our best dog food online competitionKerryn Marriout - This is Jak on holiday on the Isle of Man steam railway .
our best dog food online competitionMandy Jordan.  Here is our rescue dog who was in a poor state when we got her 2 years ago. very underweight and full of worms she is now in very good health and where we go, she goes. She is at Burnham on Sea, Somerset in July this year on our hols. She carried this cone we found washed up on the beach for about 2 miles and it was very squashed when we left it. The weather had been flooding the week before and I presume this had entered the sea in that.
Dog food online competitionand here at Lynmouth, a very nice little harbour. She wanted to pose on her hols.
our best dog food online competition Alyson Maxworthy.  This is my fantastic friend Elsa, having fun in the snow whilst on a mini break in Doncaster.
Dog camps out on holiday in our best dog food competitionPlease enter Tetley into the Dogs On Holiday competition!  We haven’t managed a holiday this year (illness and funding were against us) ... but my son’s had his wigwam up in the back garden and he and Tetley have loved it!
Beautiful dog with sand on her faceHere is Inka on her holiday's in Northumberland. Doesn't sand get everywhere!
John Robinson
Dogs on holiday in our best dog food competitionRachel Horler - Bentley and Maxy enjoying the seaside. Goring on Sea
dog food, dog food on line. our best dog food competition"Here is my entry to the Holiday snap comp. After much searching through the albums I just cannot decide so just went with this one :) I hope people like it as much as I think it is peaceful to look at. Thank you very much. His name is Rio and mine is Stacey F Wyte."
complete dry dog food online - competition"This is my beautiful boy Albert, enjoying his self after jumping into a river at Dalby Forest :-)  Hope you think he is as beautiful as I do." Danielle Duffey
complete dry dog food on line - competitioncomplete dry dog food on line competition"This is Poppy who decided that she would hop into the empty chair outside our motorhome. 
and Poppy and Joseph asleep in his bunk in our motorhome." Joanne Waring 
A wonderful rescue dog called Angel - a suluki - in our dog food competition"This is our little rescue stray Angel enjoying her first ice cream" at Thornton le Dale, North Yorkshire. Susan Brown
You can read about Angel in our rescue stories and see her remarkable journey.
Millie the Great Dane Dog - She loves her Cobbydog dog foodHere is Millie on her holiday -  chilling in our camper at an agility competition.  Elaine Ryan
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