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The Best Six Legs - July 2012


It's friendly competition time

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It's announcement time!! Well done to Tracey Dodds and her team in winning our competition this month for the "Best six legs" Please get in touch Tracey and we will send you a 15 kilo sack of Cobbydog dog food. Please email cobbydog@cobbydog.com








Each month we will be holding a new competition. Just like a companion dog show, we'll give you and your dogs the chance to win in many different classes. Have a go! Win a free bag of dog food. Join our new competition for the best photo in the class of "the best six legs..... !" We can't wait for the entries for this one! You never fail to surprise us!! Join "Cobbydog's Got Talent" with your entries and be in with a chance of winning a free 15 kilo bag of our dog food. Email entries to cobbydog@live.co.uk Please only send photos of dogs that belong to you! All entries will receive a unique discount code for a discount at our checkout ;0)

The best six legs for the best dog foodSharon Galliford "This is me and my Shih Tzu Cyd Charisse"


Buy dog food online and win a competitionDannie Howens and her dog weaving her way through the obstacles!


Buy dog food online and win competitionsJulie Macpherson's best six legs!!!!






Buy cheap dog food online and win a competitionTracey Dodd's best six legs


Buy dog food online and win a competitionMary Wilde's best 6 or is it 10 legs?! lol

Trickster Lily

Mary Wilde with Merlin and Lily

And the whole team...





Cockapoo in best six legs competition - buy dog food onlineMaria Roberts sent this photo of her Daugter Holly with Barnaby.


The best six legs competition - dog food onlineHilary Robinson and Inca doing their workout!!


Great Dane loves his Cobbydog Dog FoodElaine Ryan with her great Dane - doing what they love!





Agility course for dogs.  In competition for Cobbydog's best dog foodMorgan Nicholson with Nos going at full pelt around an agility course.


Best six legs for best dog food - climbing the hillsWell Done Szilvi and Fitsko - that's a well earned rest for six legs after climbing Ingleborough


Snowy six legs for their best complete dog foodDonna Taylor's cute six legs









The best six legs in competition for the best dog foodSamantha Jones and Poppy


best six legs dog food competitionJoanne Laxton

best dog food online competition - the best six legsLyn and Leo in their matching legs

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