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Dog with Best Friend - May 2012

Competition announcement......................

Thank you so much for all your wonderful photos. What a lovely competition it has been. It's great to think  that all the dogs out there have their own friends and in some cases have helped us humans through some sticky patches! You really cheer our Cobbydog team up.! As a thank you to all those who entered we would like  to offer you a discount code to use online with us. 

We think every photo is a winner, but this month, we would like to give first prize to Charleigh Huggins's Darcey and Snowy - What a wonderful photo it is.


It's friendly competition time

Each month we will be holding a new competition. Just like a companion dog show, we'll give you and your dogs the chance to win in many different classes. Have a go! Win a free bag of dog food.   Join our new competition for the best photo of your dog with it's non dog friend..... !  It could be a photo of your dog with another animal, or it could be you.  I'm sure there are all sorts of Doggy friends out there.  You never fail to surprise us!!    Join "Cobbydog's Got Talent" with your entries and be in with a chance of winning a free 15 kilo bag of our dog food. Email entries to cobbydog@live.co.uk  Please only send photos of dogs that belong to you!

Man's best friend.  Dog looking after his master - dog food competitionOskar the Dog  snuggled up to Kamen his non doggy friend watching TV. Kamen had earache and Oskar stayed with him like this all day. You wouldn't believe 12 months ago Kamen was petrified of dogs would you!!?
Kirstie, Ilkley


Dog with his best friend in competition for his best dry dog food

Here I am with my dog Rafa, he is 2 and loves snuggling with his mum! Vicky Irvine.


Dogs playing together as best friend in competition for good dog foodMy dog Jess, the black and white one, playing tug of war with his good friend Baldrick. Ashleigh Cross.









Dog with friend in competition for their best dry dog foodHannah Partridge's Kipper and Ruby


Boxer dog playing with his favourite toy for his good dog foodThis is our old Boxer dog Reda with his favourite police car toy  peaking out from behind the plant pot.
Rachel Worsnip

Dog with his best friend for his dry dog foodThis is our present Boxer dog Wilson when he was a puppy, curled up asleep in his bed with his surf dog toy. Rachel Worsnip





dog and his friend for their best dog foodMarley the worlds best  Springer Spaniel making friends with my daughters new ratty Snowflake!
from Sam Woolley

Fritz the dog with his favourite toy in competition for dog foodFritz just loves his Flowerpot!  
Hayley Macdonald


cobbydog dog in pets at homeHardy the Greyhound with a beautiful Parrot while in Pets at Home





Dogs with their best friend in competition for our best dog food"This is Nos, my 2 year old blue merle Welsh Sheepdog sitting next to his best mate, Star, our 19 year old Welsh Cob.  Nos adores the horse, whereas our 2 other dogs are really not that interested in her ! If we walk along with our daughter whilst she rides, Nos trots alongside Star looking up at her adoringly ! My daughter allows them to play together in the field, where they run around together like a pair of lunatics, and DO actually play chase !!", Lyndsay Nicholson


Dogs make friends with other animals for our best dog food"My three dogs Max, Imy and Mitzie have a new friend in Henry the frog! They visit him on a daily basis at the bottom of our garden."‏


Best friends  - in competition for our best dog foodMax, at the front with his son Bruce.




Dog and rabbit have a cuddle for Cobbydog dog foodDarcey and Snowy. Charleigh Huggins.

Dog looks after it's owner after major surgery - Cobbydog dog foodLottie Salisbury being taken care of after major surgery by her Cardi Willow.

Dog owner with her best friend for Cobbydog dog foodCarrie Principe with her best friend Aki.






Mary Wilde's dog Lily - clever dog!Mary Wilde's Lily with her Pal.

Mary Wilde's Merlin cuddling up to his friendsMary Wilde's Merlin with his Pals.

Dog cuddling his friend in competition for our best dog foodStacey White's Rio, "He loves this teddy bear so much as you can see it gets all his cuddles!! He is 8"








TDogs are best friends for our best dog foodhis is Echo and Reno my American Cocker Spaniels. Considering I had to put a Muzzle on Reno when Echo first arrived, for almost two weeks, now they are best friends, and go everywhere and do everything together. They are the best of friends, which I thought would never happen. Christine Hipfner

Dogs best friend competition for dog foodThis is my English Cocker Spaniel with her pink bone, which is her best friend, she does not go anywhere without it. Here  she is relaxing on the sofa, with her bone and her favorite blanket, Christine Hipfner


Dogs with their best friends - quality dry dog foodKim Farrar with best friend Roxy.






Dogs are best friends for dog food competitionMarley and Zena are Best Friends from Joanne Laxton


Little boys best friend is a dog - in competition for good dog foodMy son and our dog Tetley are Bessie mates .. that’s for sure., Sarah Jayne Windridge


Two dogs are best friendsMaggi Ingram's Maggi and Casey





Dog looking after small child - for dog food competition
This is me, when I was about 18 months old with Fly who was playing frisbee with me, and Blue our other Border Collie in the background. 
I loved Blue loads, but Fly and I had something very special. Me and Fly grew up together, as we were both the same age. She was my very very best friend, and looked after me when I was little. She used to run and get Mum if I fell over or started crying, and always used to have to help Mum put me to bed. When i was older I used to go to classes and do agility with her, and do local fun dog-shows. I am now 16, but sadly I lost Fly when she was 15 years old. I will miss her forever as she was so VERY VERY special. I will never have another friend like her again.  
Thank you from  
Morgan Nicholson

Dogs on a day out at Bolton Abbey for dog food competitionHi, this is Bella and best friend Pedro on a day out at Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire. They are besotted!
Best wishes & Woofs
Bella & Pedro xx

Dogs are best friend for dog food competitionThis is Rafa and his baby cousin Dave (aged 13 weeks)
Thanks Vicky Irvine


Dog curls up with cat and her kittens for good dog foodHere is Dobby with his best friend Sky when she had her kittens... but Dobby still curled up with them all...!, Ruth Gee



Kerry with her best friend supporting CobbydogKerry Bradford and Mac

Dog listening to it's owner








My son telling My dog Ice (2yr old Sibe) all about his football game that he had just played...... Ice is clearly paying lots of attention by the look in his face!!!‏


Dog playing with a lemonade bottle for dog food competitionZara Elsom's dog Simba with his lemonade bottle friend!










Dog with his best friend in competition for our best dog foodHere's Lester with his favourite friend, his toy ferret! Tracey Walters


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