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The Best Smile Competition - April 2012

It's announcement time!! You really have cheered us up this month.  All the fabulous smiles are wonderful...  Thank you so much for being part of our community and sharing your lovely photos.  As a thank you we will be sending all participants a 15% off voucher code this month.  The winner is, however, David Percival's Badger.  What a gorgeous photo and the eyes are smiling too!  Well Done Badger - we hope your enjoy your yummy dog food. ;)

It's friendly competition time

Each month we will be holding a new competition. Just like a companion dog show, we'll give you and your dogs the chance to win in many different classes. Have a go! Win a free bag of dog food.   Join our new competition for the best dog's smile in the land..... We've even heard of some dogs smiling upside down.... Could this be you?  Join "Cobbydog's Got Talent" with your entries and be in with a chance of winning a free 15 kilo bag of our dog food. Email entries to cobbydog@live.co.uk  Please only send photos of dogs that belong to you!

Thunder's got talent in Cobbydog's got talent competitionKaren Sander's baby Thunder!


Badger the dog's smile in Cobbydog's got talentDavid Parcival's Badger!



This Cobbydog's got Talent with her big smile!Amanda Davey's Lily!






This dog has got a huge talent - in competition for dog food

Alex Harvey's Ollie!


Dog smiles for good dog food competitionBrillo's lovely smile, Mary Wilde


Karen Sanders in Britains dog's got talent - best dog foodKaren Sander's Belle







Thunder's best smile in dog food competitionKaren Sander's Thunder


Col the dog in best dog food competitionCol!


Smiling dog competition! Best dog food




Raiye Beresford's Fran


cobbydog dog food - good quality dog foodDiana Schermer's Kenai!


Best dog food competition

Donna Taylor's Ruby








Best dog food online competition



Amanda Yate's Stan


Upside down smile for the best dog foodColin Millington's Scout


Lucy Hodson's AmberDog on beach smiling for her dog food










Lucy Hodsons's MillyMilly the dog smiling for her Dog food


Donna Taylor's HarryLovely smiling dog for the best dog food


Cobbydog's got talent smiling competitionLyndsay Nicholson's Nos and Brith






Tiger the rescue greyhound - smiling for his dog foodHere's Julia Sargeant's Tiger


Princess Bella smiling for her dog food - best dog foodNot forgetting Julia's Princess Bella!

SirBruce the dog smiling for good cheap dog foodAnd of course Broocie!






Ziggy the dog smiling for his dog foodDonna Sadler's Ziggy


Dog smiling for his dog food Cobbydog

Dannie Howen's Stella


Dog smiling for his dog foodLee Jones's Bowie - hide the treat on the dog's nose








Victoria Irvine's Rafa, rescued 18 months ago.Smiling dog wins prize at  a show - best mixed breed.


Dog Smiling competition - for good dog foodBen Brittain's Bella



Dog smiling for cheap dog foodCharleigh Huggin's Darcey










Dog Smiling with Mr Tumble and family, for great dog foodSandra Hill's Amber


Healthy smiling dog eats cobbydog dog foodSandra Hill's Henry


Cobbydog dog food competition. Best smiling dogIan Hatton's Joseph






Smiling dog competition - for good quality dog foodGemma Buttery's Lola


Natti's PippiSmiling dog competition - Cobbydog dogs have got talent and Maisie


dog smiles - for good quality dog foodCaroline Louise Murphy's Jazz








Dog smiling for competition to win the best dog foodNatalie Zindani's Hamish


Shirley Faloon's FoxieBest dog smiling competition for Cobbydog

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