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Dog food recipe ideas

This months competition is your dog food recipe ideas, we want to know all about them!  We know your dogs find Cobbydog delicious, but we think that you will have some great ideas on how you actually serve your Cobbydog dog food.

Here in the Cobbydog office, we think that you'll have some really innovative ideas on brilliant dog food recipes. Let us know how you serve your dog's Cobbydog dog food to be in with a chance of winning a huge 15 kilo sack of your choice! Email your entry to cobbydog@live.co.uk with "Recipe Ideas" in the subject line

Announcement time!!!!
Thank you all for your lovely recipe ideas!! We love how you make our Cobbydog even more yummy for your dogs.  We would like to announce that this month's winner of a free 15 kilo bag of Cobbydog is Dannie Howens.  We like the idea that we can eat the recipe too, just not with the dog food!!  We are emailing all competition entrants with a discount code that they can use for the next few days.  Dannie, we'll contact you, and in the meantime choose which 15 kilo bag you would like to receive.

Dog food recipes for owners to useDannie Howens dog food recipe
Our three dogs love Cobbydog and only became addicted to it after we won a sample at the fundraising event we held at my local agility club.  According to them there really isn't much you can do to improve it.  They do sometimes get an extra special treat made by my Mum. She makes a lovely Bacon & lentil soup that they go absolutely mad for!   As she is making it my baby Bailey walks around with his silver bowl tapping it on the floor until it's ready and he eventually gets his soup and biscuits!

As they eat the Supreme chunks its like a Meat Feast treat for them. There is nothing they would not do for this combination of well loved food! Bailey Even throws his bowl at us as if to say "MORE PLEASE SIR!" We should have called him Oliver!
500g Lean Bacon cooked Add 3 chopped up Carrots, 1 chopped up Leek , add stock and 250g Lentils and cook for 40 - 45 min leave to cool and blend.
The thicker the soup the better (add more Lentils to make a thicker soup)
This feeds us all -  Human & Dogs

Irene Bleakley and Rosie's dog food recipe
My dog Rosie enjoys nothing better than her Cobbydog each day topped with a little cooked rabbit. Once a week I cook a freshly prepared rabbit in my slow cooker overnight and then strip it off the bones.....goes superbly with Cobbydog!
Jane O'Holleran's dog food recipe
My dogs like their food even better If I add 1 weetabix and 150ml of gravy then I mix it with Cobbydog dog food - they wolf it down!

Aimee Swift's dog food recipe
Whenever I make a beef stew I add juice from the stew to the dogs food, it gives them a meaty flavour and is made with lots of vegetables. Different flavours are created depending on the type of stew used.

Emma Perry's dog food recipe
My Lab x Springer loves his Cobbydog served with cooked carrots, flaked cod and a bit of cooked rice....topped off with a bit of dog gravy - loves it!

Sarah-Jayne Windridge-France's dog food recipe
Tetley LOVES his Cobbydog dog food soaked in gravy and with the remnants of the Sunday roast – beef, chicken, lamb, duck ... he’s really not fussy ... and the more veggies the better!

Dog food recipe ideas. Cobbydog dog food



Mossman's dog food recipe
Oskar always enjoys his Cobbydog dry but as a treat i mix a tin of tuna complete with brine and he demolishes it in one. He also likes the left over roasted Veg meat and gravy version too. As you can see its rather satisfying....typical bloke!






Aimi's dog food recipe
Cobbydog doesn’t need anything! Danny loves it just like it is, and I use it as training treats too!

Annabelle Shemming's dog food recipe
I have a very fussy dog who doesn't like eating and we went to a fun dog show last year and won a small bag of cobbydog adult and he loved it he has been on it ever since. Anyway here is my dog food recipe:
I put some Cobbydog kibble and some cooked rice in his bowl then add a couple of pieces of ham and he scoffs it down in seconds then comes to the kitchen looking for more.
My other dog food recipe is:
I put some Cobbydog kibble in his bowl then mix in 3 scrambled eggs for a light and tasty breakfast meal.

Lucy Taylor's  and Bella's dog food recipe
Bella loves fish!  A tin of sardines in spring water poured over her food once a week is a real treat plus oily fish is rich in Omega 3 which keeps her joints healthy and her coat super shiny!

My Border Collie has scrambled eggs and live yogurt mixed in with his dried food. We also stuff his Kong toy with the same mix; it keeps him quiet for hours!
Benji Collier

Lorraine Duff adds Sardines and chocolate to her Cobbydog





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