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Hello Everyone

Thank you so much for all your stories.  We really have been amazed at how emotive your stories have been.  It has been wonderful to hear how so many dogs are bringing such love and affection into so many owners lives.  Not only being there as a companion, but also directly affecting owner's health and wellbeing.  As a thank you for sharing these personal stories we would like to offer all competition entrants with a large sample of the dog food of their choice.  Everyone here at Cobbydog would choose all the stories as winners, however, this month Julia's princess Bella has won our 15 kilo sack of the dog food of her choice.  Thank you so much for all your time and effort.  Get in touch Julia!

It's friendly competition time

Each month we will be holding a new competition. Just like a companion dog show, we'll give you and your dogs the chance to win in many different classes. Have a go! Win a free bag of dog food.  This month we are having a "heart warming stories" competition.  So a story, in which your dog may have done something brave, silly, loving, caring, crazy or just normal.  No photos this time!   We look forward to your entries.   Please send your entries to cobbydog@live.co.uk

Dannie Howens and Murphy
I left the navy with Post Traumatic Stress in 2009 and it was never really treated. I had left to help my mum at home and found it very hard to fit in civvy street.  In 2010 I lost my best friend and pet dog, Murphy,  and that made matters worse.  A month later after lots of heart ache, Bailey was sent to me, and I could feel my heart fill back.  A year after Murphy arriving we started doing agility as a way of providing him with stimulation and exercise.   It was fun and we became addicted. 

Its now seven months since we started and my life has changed for the best. I no longer feel isolated and join in with the club's monthly meets.  I also volunteer with disabled adults in an allotment and deliver books to the housebound. I have become a different person as I no longer let my PTSD control me and its all because of my dogs. They have helped me deal with something the medical professional didn't.

We have 3 dogs now all 3 dogs do agility and not only has it helped my PTSD, I am now also losing weight I gained as a result of it.  I know if it had not have been for Bailey I'd still probably be isolated and withdrawn from society.  I am so grateful he came into my life and would be lost without him.

Claire Leavy and Maisie
On an extremely cold day last season we were out on a shoot as normal. Duly obliging for the guns we lined up in the beating line and although it was bitterly cold we were enjoying the day. Then it all went horribly wrong........We had got to the duck pond and it was frozen over, a couple of dogs had ventured on to the ice and I was trying to keep mine away; being a larger Labrador I thought she'd fall through. Then came the blood curdling noise of ice breaking, moments later we were aware of a little spaniel, Indi, frantically trying to get to safety.  I immediately started trying to break the ice with my stick, but it was no use. I couldn’t reach her so I clung to a tree to get extra reach. I just couldn’t bear watching this poor dog struggle to swim and she was rapidly running out of energy as she didn’t carry any fat on her so had no insulation. There was no alternative ........I was going in.  I took the first step in and was immediately scalded by the rest of the shoot members. They were not about to let me do this :-( 

Throughout all this time,  I had not been aware of where my dog Maisie was.  At that moment I looked to my left and she had appeared.  She gave me a look that told me she knew just what to do and carefully ploughed her way through the ice like a little tug boat breaking through, as she swam out and cleared a path for little Indi to get out. God bless her,  she did it and Indi swam to safety.  I'm not in the habit of letting my dogs go into icy water / ponds, but the look she gave me was as much to say "trust me mum, I know what I’m doing". When they were both to safety, the tears came and we then focused on getting everyone warm and preventing shock setting in. Undoubtedly Maisie saved Indi's life that day.
That day will be with me as long as I live and my little hero dog.
Claire  ~x~

Jill Speed and Rosie
A few years ago my daughter, while on a night out,  was given a date rape drug. The police brought her home in quite a state.  She couldn't even hold her head up.  After about an hour of being really ill she calmed down and went to sleep on the sofa.  She then started shivering and I couldn't get her warm, even with duvets and the heating on full.  Nothing worked  and I became so worried  that I phoned A&E and they told me I had to get her warm, as it sounded like hypothermia. 

My little Stafford bitch had been sitting watching.  Suddenly, she jumped up on the sofa and found her way under the duvets, snuggling up to my daughter.  Slowly the shivering stopped and she warmed up.  If it wasn't for our little angel Rosie I think I could have lost my daughter.  Sadly, Rosie went to rainbow bridge last year age 14 she will never be forgotten .

Julia and Our Bella, the history of a little old lady.
Dear Bella is a 12 year old Saluki Lurcher. Like a lot of them she had a dreadful start in life having been rescue from beatings and cigarette burns. She had puppies with another dog Tiger who was rescued with her. He was a glorious Deerhound Lurcher who was skin and bones and had very little fur. They were separated for a while and then I gave in and rescued them both together. When they were reunited all he could do was to wee on the floor as he was so stunned. They were both lavished love and attention and developed into beautiful healthy dogs. Bella never lost her fear of pain and cries at the slightest thing. She had fits for many years brought on by stress due to the cruelty. She now has her own armchair and is spoiled rotten. She even has our hand baked dog biscuit business named after her as we discovered her liking for handmade cheese dog biscuits!  Tiger passed away 2 years ago at the ripe old age of 16 and Bella missed him terribly. She became very fussy with food and eating only very small amounts of tasty food, more often than not this being human food! Just before Christmas she collapsed and had a ruptured spleen requiring emergency surgery. She has always been quite frail and we thought we would lose her. But, after a week of nursing her through being very ill with sleepless nights, she started picking up. Getting her to eat has been a painful and slow process. She has a Facebook ‘boyfriend’ a beautiful Greyhound called Jack who sent flowers and lots of love and support. She has Facebook friends (dogs from all over the world) sending her good wishes and support for us. We had all sorts of food suggestions to help her eat. Some sent her home made biscuits and her ‘boyfriend’ send a liver cake made by a Greyhound support group. She picks at her food and we went through scrambled eggs with cream, meat pies, fancy tinned dog food, fish,  chicken, ham, many many different dog foods including complete, kibble and tins/sachets, basically there was nothing we haven’t tried. She might like a little of it but never enough to even feed a Shi Tsu. Now this is the complete truth and not a flattery attempt,she liked Cobbydog before she was sick so we tried her with some Cobbydog Supreme, with the dried meat pieces.  A little in her ‘Princess’ bowl with hot water then some tinned food stirred in. Hey presto, she eats it like it’s going out of fashion! Not a huge amount still but a bowlful and enough to give her energy and vitality. We weighed her recently as we were worried that she was under weight. She had lost weight post surgery as she ate nothing and had a large mass removed. We we delighted to discover that she had actually gained weight to nearly her pre-surgery weight!
Not a terribly exciting story but a little history of an elderly dog who has had some terrible experiences in her life bringing special problems but she is loved by many and is quite the Facebook sensation!

Mandy and Kira
I have a 5 year old female German Shepherd Dog.  Her name is Kira.   A few months ago we were looking on facebook and a lady was asking for help for her 1 year old puppy that needed a blood transfusion If her puppy didn't get it she would die, so we gave her our phone number and told her to ring us as we had a GSD who could give blood.  Both the dogs went to the Vets and our Kira gave blood and saved the puppy's life.  A really happy ending. So proud of our Kira. 

Marylou Gibson and her Lab
Just thought I would let you know what my black lab/greyhound/staffi cross decided to do recently for your competition. Whilst on our daily walk along the beach and cliffs nearby, Jack disappeared into some thick bushes and refused to come out. After some long and persistent calling by me he emerged... with a 2 foot long french stick in his mouth!!! The greedy labrador in him came to the fore with him refusing to leave it. I did finally get it off of him but not before it was somewhat shorter !!!.

 Cally Berwick and her Staffy
My partner and I took our Staffy for a walk to the beach when it had snowed.  She loved running around and digging in the snow.  When we got home she did something she hasn't done before.  Normally she would crawl on the sofa and get under the quilt to get warm, but this day she decided to lay in front of the panel heater to get warm and dry :) She never does it when the heating is on but she liked the panel heater that day. Sooo cute to watch! 

Melanie Latham and Tess
My husband Chris has recently started a diet. It isn't easy and takes a lot of willpower. Bread and butter are a big favourite at meal times but have been a “big no no” for sometime.  As a treat, Chris allowed himself just one slice of bread and butter with his Saturday night meal of pork chops with all the trimmings. His mouth was watering in anticipation as he sat with the tray on his lap ready to tuck in. In a flash, faster than lightening, our English Bull Terrier Tess pinched it off the tray and gulped it in one! We had to laugh even though Tess was naughty.  My husbands face was a picture! Like a toddler with an unwanted Christmas pressie! 

  Amanda Davey and her Bull Terrier Percy 
For the past 4 years, Percy my Bull Terrier, has shared his home, his bed and his food with various Bull Terrier foster dogs that have come to stay with us whilst waiting to be re-homed.   Percy has been so placid with all these Bullies and let them torment the life out of him.  He has seemed to be able to read there personalities and therefore treat them accordingly.  Firstly we had an old Bullie who was riddled with arthritis and Percy just snuggled up to him and wasn't at all boisterous.  After that we had a few young Bullies and Percy gave them a run for their money bouncing on each other and running around tiring each other out. I've never known a dog so laid back & happy.  He is pleased to see each dog come and he even shares his Cobbydog with them!   

Jane Williams her bravest little boy Tyrone or Tutti Fruity (his nickname)
Tyrone came into our lives when he was 11 weeks old.  He is a border cross. He is so loving for a male dog. When he was 13 weeks old he just turned to his right and broke the right side of his body. He broke his right back hip and leg in four places. He broke two ribs and he also broke his front right leg in such away that his leg is now misshapen .  He was rushed to the vets and when they had him on the operating table they discovered he had brittle bones. I was given the option not to wake him up, but he deserved a chance in life.  I knew it was going to be expensive but Tyrone comes first every time.  The vets went to work and after a nine hour operation they put his hip and back leg back together. The ribs would mend on their own. The main downfall was that his front right leg was in a very bad way and they were in two minds to remove it, but the vet, who just happened to be an orthopedic vet decided to give it a go and keep the leg.
His front leg is in the shape of an S as the two bones in the leg are now one. You have to see his leg to really understand.  Tyrone has had 7 operations on his legs and hip as he as grown. I have had to carry him around in a pod for a year.  He even went to Telford for Hydro swimming.  He went for one year and loved it, having the attention of all the others in the pool. It was the only time he was allowed to be free.  He spent most of his time in a large holding create having to be moved every few hours to stop the sores.   Well now we are a year on and Tyrone is doing very well. He is walking and enjoying life. We still have to be careful were we go and what he gets up to. Cold weather gets to him, so we take it easy.   I took him to a dog show last year and he won 3 rosettes. He has been signed off from the vets and we only have to call for his meds which he is on for the rest of his life.  I love my little man so much.  I was told by so many people to have him put down, but just looking into his brown eyes and all the love he gives is all I need from him. 
Kylie Evans and her Rottie 
One year ago today my life changed forever....I fostered a one year old Rottie who was hours away from being put to sleep as her owners couldn't be bothered to pay to release her from the pound even though she was micro-chipped.  She has gone from a skinny and scared little girl to someone who is full of life and is a perfect example of how loving and faithful Rottweilers are.  Unfortunately last week we found out she has problems with both her hips and tomorrow she will be undergoing surgery to try and correct this.  My beautiful girl has changed my life forever and I know she would love some cobby dog food to help her on her road to recovery.

Phill Thomas and Chi
Chi is my best mate. We go everywhere together. I found Chi in Wales with drug dealers. Every time he barked they had battered him and broken his jaw. I found out that he had been used to bring drugs from Ireland in to Hollyhead.  It took quite a bit to teach him how to be a dog again. I also found that he wasn’t walking properly with his back legs and noticed that his dew claws has grown through his legs. I had them clipped and pulled out but they continued to grow and subsequently had an operation to remove them. He now helps me around the house as I'm in a wheelchair.   I also have diabetes and he alerts me when my blood sugars go low. My post traumatic stress disorder and borderline personality disorder is helped by Chi just being here. He makes everything worthwhile. When I am down he picks me up. I probably wouldn’t be here with out him. thanks Phill Thomas

Mary Wilde and Merlin

His eyes peeped out through a  grey and white fringe.
They were black as night but shone like jet
They stared and stared unblinking
And then our eyes met.

It was the 8th day of his stay in kennels
No-one had claimed him, no-one cared
No-one to tell us his story in life  
No-one could vouch for the breeds that he shared

I sat and waited as he gazed my way
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps he’d choose me
Then with the hint of a grin, lightly he sprang
Gently so gently up onto my knee 

And then he just sat, he sighed and relaxed
I dared not move, stayed still as a log
But already I knew that at last I had found
My new pal, my boy,  my ideal dog.  



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