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Caption Competition

Competition announcement......................
Thank you so much for all your wonderful photos. What a lovely competition it has been. You really cheer our Cobbydog team up.! As a thank you to all those who entered we would like to send you a little prize too, so you can contact cobbydog@cobbydog.com with your address and we'll send you a doggy meal of your choice!
We think every photo is a winner, but this month, we would like to give first prize to "woops". Get in touch Jane.


It's friendly competition time

Each month we will be holding a new competition. Just like a companion dog show, we'll give you and your dogs the chance to win in many different classes. Have a go! Win a free bag of dog food.  This month we are having a photo caption competition.  We look forward to your entries.   Please send your entries to cobbydog@live.co.uk

healthy dog food competitionHere's looking at you kid


Good dog food competitionI want to ride my bicycle

Cobbydog healthy dog food competition"Hi five big man!!!"
Featuring Susie's cat Murray and MojoLion the Leonberger!






Great danes in Best Dry Dog Food Competition

"A Pair of Bookends"
Elaine's Great Danes




Quality dog food. Recommended dog food competitionFeaturing Sam Webb's Marley the spaniel and Goldie the horse
'I feel a bit horse, i am taking my ball and i am going home !'





Donna Copland's Husky Puppy SummerHusky Puppy in competition for good quality dog food
"Holiday's are hard work!"




Beth Thurlow's Lab Misty amd Dog de Bordeaux, Gus.Quality dog food competition.
"Doggy cuddles are the best"









John Kidd's 1 year old Pointer Kim "Yes this will do nicely thanks"Dry dog food manufacturer's competition

And the Pointer sisters(!) Kim and Lucy "Did you want something?!" 

dry dog food manufacturer's competition






Dog in competition for the best dog food"It's mine,I'll get it!" says Karen's dog Jin.





Competition for dog foodLuke Yarrow, with his 3 month old labrador. "Playing makes me sleepy."












Shaun Sears sent us this photo.....Funny dog competition - best dry dog food








Dog in competition for our best dog foodAnd Danny Woolley's Bruno say's "throw me my ball!"





Mary Wilde's dog Lily says "I would send it back, the stuffing is coming out!"

Mary wilde with Merlin and Lily - loving their Cobbydog




dog in competition for dog food made by cobbydog dog food maunafacturerKaren Alden's dog tells her "it's time to get up!"








Specsavers and cobbydog in competition"Should have gone to Specsavers"
Debbie Poyzer






Rescue dog love his dog food - Cobbydog

Susan Brown's rescued Saluki/Greyhound, Angel says "Life is full of decisions."






Dee Dee's dog "i'm going to need a bigger ball."

dog food, best dog food competition




Chris Cuevasquality dog food online

quality dog food online competitionquality dog food online competition






Steven Smith's PJ "pushing his luck"quality dog food online competition




Loretta's Willow playing "hide and seek."

quality dog food online competition


Quality dog food ingredients.  Manufacturer

Life as a puppy can be exhausting!
Hannah Partridge



good dog food online competitionKaren Sanders's Border Collie Thunder has been a bit naughty we think!
"Dad (hick), I jush dwank (hick) your verwy nicsh water (burp).......Wooooooooo (hick)."

Darling Dini's Kenai (all the way from Austria!)..
In and minute ok...... I'm just chillin out!

good dog food competition



good quality dog food competitionLottie's Cardi and her pup "cute or what!"



Healthy dog food competition


Awww... da poor old Max he lay down.



dog food manufacturerMrs Calvert English Springer Holly having "a bad hair day."




"Who bust my ball?"  Edwin Taylordog food manufacturer cobbydog 






dog food manufacturer competition"Oh no my hairdo, what will the other dogs at the show think"?  " The shame of it I'll never be able to show my face again".
dog food manufacturer cobbydog

I'm your baby, I am, I am, I am!




"In other news tonight... Zombie Dog Sighted above Silsden!" Ben Brittaindog food manufacturer






dog food






SusThe best dry dog food competitionan Brown's dog Chico "I just hate Mondays.!"




And Susan Brown's Denzil "Being rescued is so magical!"

quality dog food for a rescued dog


dry dog food competition"Cobbydog - it gives you springs!"





Maggie's dog Snoop loves flyball. "Who put my ball there!"

dog food manufacturer competition







Good quality dog food competitionIt's a dog's life!


good quality dog food competitionCome to something when one has to get their own Satellite to watch 'Animal Planet'

good quality dog food competitionQuick Thunder run!! Iv heard about those machines that suck up dog hair!!!!!!




If I play dead maybe no one will notice me! good quality dog food competition

recommended dog food competitiongood quality dog foodNow then Max, who is taking who for a walk here ???recommended dog food competition



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