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WInter wonderland Competition December 2011


It's friendly competition time

We would like to announce that after having a lovely time looking at all your fabulous photos we would like to announce that Lyn Freeman's Leo is the winner of our winter wonderland / festive competition. We think Leo is certainly dedicated to dressing up and deserves a prize. Please contact us Lyn at cobbydog@cobbydog.com

Baby and Dog's first Christmas - what a shiny coat!Baby Annie on her first Christmas with her gorgeous dog Benson.  Sent all the way from Oz to be part of our competition.  I think that Oz may be a bit far to send a 15 Kilo Bag but thank you for the lovely photo.  x







So here we go!

Maisie and Pippi sitting by the tree in our Christmas competitionNatti sent us this great photo of Maisie and Pippi sitting by the tree last Christmas.  We bet they are thinking "which ones are ours?!!"  Very colourful.






Thunder in Cobbydog's best dog food competitionKaren sanders says "Hi This is Thunder last winter, his 1st experience of snow, we think he got carried away and thought he was Ruldolph with his nose shining oh so bright! Tehehe, Don't think we could ever capture a picture like this again."  We think Thunder looks a little surprised too.  We love it!




Loretta has sent us this photo her veteran German Spitz Klein Frayer having fun in the snow.  Cute !!!German Klein Spitz playing in the snow for best dry dog food competition



Welsh Corgis posing for Cobbydog competition for best dry dog food“Here are 2 of our Cardigan Welsh Corgis mother Deli with her daughter Jess  having their photo taken  for our Christmas card “



Pam Barnard says "This isDog survives frozen pond, with help from her pal, Indy the German Shepherd dog. a pic of Roxy the GSD, and a very naughty Indy ( Border Collie ) who thought it was great fun to jump up into the frozen pond ....I only just got him off before the ice gave way !!"  Oh dear Pam - you must have been worried, but all turned out well.  Naughty Indy!!  Roxy even looks like he's wagging his tail!



Elaine Day took some photos of her Deerhounds Tudor and Pagan in the bitterly cold spell last year too.  They look so cold don't they.  Are they seeking warmth in the camera there?!Deerhounds in winter scene. Best dry dog food Cobbydog


It really is that cold!!






This is Archie last year! He is 14 yrs old and loves the snow. Many thanks Jill Chandler. Archie, Dog in the snow for Best Dog Food.






Percy the dog dressing up for christmas to win our dog food

This is Percy - ready for his Christmas dinner! Amanda Davey.  Very well dressed Percy!





Dog loving the snow on a winter walk. Competition for best dry dog foodOur little Bullie Winnie loves the snow.
Roll on the snow again!  Tony and Amanda Gillingwater, Milton Keynes






Beautiful Dog in snowman photo. LassieThese are two pictures of my dog (Orinoco) in the snow. I built a snowman and sat him by it in the first picture and a moment later he decided to eat the 'eyes' of my snowman which were made from his treats - which I captured in the second picture.  April Richards


Lassie dog in the snow eating snowman for best dry dog food - Cobbydog







Danny the Dog very well dressed in the snow for our dog food competitionI would like to submit a picture for your christmas competition of one of my dogs, this is Danny, aged 3 years.  Rachel Wilson









Bailey Jack Russell and Stella Staffie, enjoying the snowBailey our Jack Russell and Stella our Staffie both loved the snow we couldn't keep it out of the house
Many thanks Danielle




Dog in competition for dry dog food - CobbydogThis is Darcey looking very proud of her self after spending hours building a snowball big enough to keep watch on. (She had no help from me, honest!) Charleigh Huggins









Cobbydog prize winner, for best dry dog foodAlfie .... the christmas  Alf ... get it "christmas alf, christmas elf"!! Julie Roberts









Christmas Dog Food CompetitionMary Wilde's Lily is flying this month - there seems to be no end to her talents!!!





George enjoying a winter dog's walk for Cobbydog's best dry dog foodThis is George my Shih Tzu enjoying the snow on one on his favourite walks.  Glo Brockwell 





Wonderful winter scene with Lurchers in competitionTracey Walters -  My two lurchers Jess & Lester.






Staffordshire Bull Terrier in our best dry dog food competitionThis photo is of my lovely Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Dot, then aged 7, with my grandson at his first Christmas.
Lesley McFadyen



Rafa the rescue dog with a snowman for best dry dog foodThis is Rafa, my 18 month old Staffie x Basenji x Dacshund!  We rescued him October 2010 and he is something of a sun-god so wasn't impressed with last decembers snow fall but we just about managed to get him out the house long enough to snap a picture! Vicky Irvine

We think he looks like he's had enough fun for one day Vicky!  Classic









Edward Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog food competitionHere is a pic of Edward, my Rhodesian Ridgeback, aged 14 months last November 2010.  I know he loved ploughing through the snow each day on our walks and that he is hoping for a repeat this year !  Michele Pressley. 

Gosh it's nearly up to his neck!








Christmas day competition for dog foodTony tells us the caption for this Photo he sent in of Tilly when she was six months old is "Tilly couldn't handle the booze"  Funny!






In competition to win the best dry dog foodPetula Fields says, Here is my Kooikerhondje, who I lost in March this year to Lymphoma, and I dressed up to participate in the Santa Sponsored Walk for British Heart Foundation. We were the 1st to complete the walk and raised lots of money for the cause.










Lyn's Leo all dressed up for christmas. Cobbydog competitionLyn Freeman's Leo is really getting into the role of actually being a Christmas present!!  This is true dedication to dressing up Leo!





Fly the dog - in competition for our best dry dog food.Here is Fly wanting to know if anyone else is going to join him for a swim.  The answer was no!
Taken in Keyhaven harbour, New Forest, Hampshire, in February.  Beryl Odbert


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