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The Muddiest Dog Competition

It's friendly competition time

We would like to announce the winner of our muddiest dog competition.  First of all, we really enjoyed looking at all the photos.  We had no idea how muddy dogs could get!!!  Well done to the lovely Lily, for showing us just how muddy she got!! We'll contact you by email Mary.

Lily as the muddiest dog a before and after shot!Mary Wilde has sent us a photo of Lily.  Wow she really does look like she's had a good day out there Mary, and so fluffy after her bath.  Fantastic.





Mims entering Cobbydog Competition for the best dog foodRaiye Beresford, owner of Mims, thought we would like this photo too! So muddy and so fantastic at the same time.  Brilliant.





Molly loving the competition to win a bag of dog foodJane tells us that Molly loves being dirty. So much so that she digs and rolls in the mud until she is covered.  She can do clean though when she feels like it! 





Belle, part of the muddiest dog competition to win a bag of cobbydog dog foodKaren Sanders has sent us a photo of Belle.  Karen tells us "I believe she must have a homing in beacon to find any muddy pool, i think she would find one in the desert too!"




Staffordshire Bull Terrier having fun playing in the mudKay Morton sent us these photos and says "Here are my 3 dogs. 2 Staffords Max and Shirley and Patterdale cross Chubby in my garden.  I came home from work one day after a really rainy day and my son thought it would be funny to play in my very muddy garden!!!!!! I did laugh a little bit hehe."  Thanks Kay - we've chosen the muddiest photos!!
Dogs taking part in the muddiest dog competition for best dog food






Jack Russell Leo. Competition for best dry dog foodLyn Freeman's dog Leo. a longstanding competition entrant of ours, is here,unusually muddy!  Lyn tells us that "he is the cleanest of dogs usually"!  We like that he strayed from the norm though and could enter our competition this month.  Well done Leo.





Jinny Niven's Wheaton Terrier Wheaton Terrier - cobbydog competitionMac is having a real time here!  Rolling in the mud is his favourite pastime!  Well he certainly looks like he's got it off to a good art Jinny!! Perfect.Jinny's wheaton terrier in a competition for dry dog food






Muddy Woody, the favourite in Mrs Brown's class to win dog foodSusan Brown, or Mrs Brown as her Class of 5 years olds might know her, call her dog Muddy Woody!!  They probably get to hear all about Woody's antics and of course how he likes to roll in anything that is smelly and wet!!




Smiling dog, competition for best dry dog food

Steve Ellis's best friend Ty, loves rolling in the mud.  Steve is sure he is smiling here!




Here is Karen Dooris's Archie - Absolutley covered in mud!!  Wow!! Archie, muddiest dog competition.  Cobbydog's best dry dog food



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