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Fancy Dress Competition - September 2011

It's friendly competition time

23rd September - Competition announcement

We have had such good fun with the competition this month and we were so pleased with the amount of effort that went into all your fancy dress outfits.  You are all incredibly creative - and your dogs are all so well behaved!  Well done to everyone.  It was a really difficult decision, but we have made our mind up............ and the winner is Milly and Alfie, dressed up as the Bride of Dracula.  We love the expression on their faces and the way Milly appears to be holding her posy so beautifully!  Well done Julie Roberts, we'll be in touch to find out which food you would like as your prize.

So here we go!

Merlin and Lily, dressed up as gypsies with their owner Mary WildeMary Wilde has sent us this great photo of her with Merlin and Lily. Mary tells us this photo is of  "two little gypsies and a big one"!  Thank you Mary, we knew we could rely on you to set the ball rolling.  Complete with Gypsy Cart too!  Did you make the outfits for Merlin and Lily?








Here's Tag and Jake, Marian's little stars.  She tells us that "Tag and Jake get married and it's about time too, their children must be about 6 by now!"  That's funny!  Thank you Marian. Tag and Jake look to be taking their roles very seriously too.

Fancy dress competition. Win a bag of dog food






Fancy Dress competition, to win a bag of dog food

Vicky Wellor has sent us this great photo of Floyd, her Doberman, dressed to go undercover as a lobster! Fanstastic! Is Floyd licking his lips for Cobbydog?!





Bethan has sent us this photo of Millie.  She is dressed as a fairy,  Bethan tells us that she is able to be dressed up as a fairy because she is so magical.  We think so too.  It must be the Cobbydog!Bethan's Millie, dressed up as a fairy to win a bag of dog food









Julie Roberts has sent us this photo of her Chocolate Lab, Milly, with Alfie her Bull Terrier.  We think the photo speaks for itself... but could it be, as Julie puts it, "the bride of Dracula?"  Julie has also told us about the evidence of blood on Alfie and the garlic hanging from Milly's neck, to the the left of the cross on the photo!  Such a good story!!

We are loving the way that Millie, despite all,  is managing to carry her posy so beautifully!! Classic!Chocolate labrador and Bull Terrier in fancy dress. Competition






Alfie, A great example of eating our best dry dog foodAnd here is, Julie's Alfie, her Bull Terrier again!  He's dressed up as Popeye!  Julie thinks he looks strong, but has added the extra muscles for extra impact anyway















MillieAnd here is Julie's Millie.  Better known as Millie the witch. Julie tells us that Millie may look like a witch "although l think a nose job may be on her christmas wish list .. lol"  We think she looks awesome anyway!


Indy, red and white Collie, fancy dress for Cobbydog competition








Gemma Lee has sent us a photo of her beautiful red and white Collie, Indy, dressed up as a wizard.  Well done Indy. You look great. We love your expression!  Very intense - we are wondering what tricks you will be trying next!



Lyn Freeman has entered Leo into our fancy dress competition too!  Lyn tells us "This is me and Leo dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I made everything myself, even the ears.  We've entered quite a few fancy dress classes dressed like this."  Brilliant Lyn. We love it.


We've also got Leo dressed up as a baby, on his own this time, complete with a dummy
Bless him!!

Leo the Jack Russell trying to win a bag of dog food









Marley in competition for a free bag of complete dry dog foodSam Webb has sent us a photo of her lovely Marley dressed up "as a dog's dinner!"  Fantastic Sam - very original! 

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