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Most Appealing Eyes - August 2011

It's friendly competition time

Which of your best friends has got the most appealing eyes?!

We have finally come to our decision about which dog has got the most appealing eyes.  It was a really difficult decision, because of course all your dogs had such appealing eyes and we can really see how much they love you, their owners, and how much they are appealing for their dog food!!  In the end we have chosen Lili, Glo Brockwell's three year old Jack Russell.  Please get in touch Glo!!


Amber, owner Lucy Hodson. Cobbydog best dry dog foodHere is Amber.  She is called Amber because of her Amber eyes.  When she looks at her owner Lucy with those wide eyes Lucy understands everything she is trying to say!








Jake bright eyes. Complete dry dog food CobbydogMarian has sent us a close up photo of Jakes's eyes.  Jake is appealing for more Cobbydog!





Thunder. Amber eyes. Cobbydog dog foodKaren has entered Thunder and she says Thunder is a red/white Border Collie and has the most gorgeous amber eyes you have seen, everyone he looks at just melts and go, awwwwwww!






Tri Merle Border Collie. Dog food, Complete dog foodKaren has entered Belle.  Belle has got one blue eye and one brown eye. She is a tri merle Border Collie.  Some people find her blue eyes fascinating and some people think it's "creepy".  Karen says's it's like marmite - you either love it or you hate it and Karen happens to love it!






Tia. Appealing eyes Best dry dog foodDawn has sent us a photo of Tia.  Dawn tells us that Tia's eyes sparkle just like her personality! 








Meg, Border Collie, Best dog food ukThis is Meg a Border Collie, owned by Michelle and Sam - Eyes like saucers!










ReggieJo and Richie sent us this photo of their Jack Russell, Reggie.  His eyes are as bright as buttons!








Jack Russell. Dry dog food onlineMary has sent us her prize from a raffle!!  A Jack Russell!









Boxer Pup. Appealing eyes. Good dog foodThis is Brandie as a Boxer Pup.  She is now 19 months old.  She get's up to all sorts of mischief,but as Amanda tells us when she looks at you with those eyes you can't be mad at her.









Jack Russell, Appealing eyes for best dog foodThis is Lili, Glo's 3 year old Jack Russell.  Glo tells her that the look in her eyes always says "I love you Mum", and of course Glo loves her too.






Puppy dog eyes appealing for our best dry dog foodKate sent us this lovely photo of China.  Kate tells us this photo is the definition of "puppy dog eyes"! Lovely.








Parson Russel Terrier appealing for our best dry dog foodThis is Leo a parson Russell Terrier.  Lyn tells us,  "when he looks at you, you can see the love shine out of his big brown eyes.  One look from him and you just can't resist!"







Meg appealing for our best dry dog foodSam sent us this photo of her dog Meg, an English Springer Spaniel.  She always waits for Sam on the window sill, when the car pulls up, and then goes to greet her at the door!






DC the Boarder CollieKaren sent us this photo of DC, a four month old Border Collie. Karen tells us "he has beautiful dark deep eyes, and cheeky white eyebrows, he is such a handsome little lad."







Appealing for the best dog food of her choice.  Cobbydog.Kate sent us this lovely photo of Bella.  Kate say's "if these eyes don't say 'I love you' then nothing does!"









Amber appealing for her choice in dog food.  CobbydogThis is Amber and her gorgeous eyes meet Kate every morning as she comes into the kitchen and they brighten her day up.  Lovely.









James, foster dog. Appealing for his best dog foodSarah Shelley has sent us her lovely photo of her foster dog James.  Sarah tells us he is a rescue greyhound and has the most beautiful big brown eyes.  They show his gentle loving nature. 









Milly the chocolate labradorJulie Roberts says: this is Milly my chocolate lab, she puts her appealing eyes to good use when begging for her Cobbydog dog food!














Anoch, with expressive eyes and long tongueThis is Anoch who belongs to Adam Evans. Anoch is lodging with Mary Wilde at the moment. Mary thinks Anoch has the most expressive eyes but he is really waiting for the longest tongue competition! 













Izzy the border collieThanks to Kellie Huckvale, who sent this photo of Izzy. She is nearly 5 months old (Izzy, that is!) and is a blue and white border collie. Kellie says: ‘she has the most appealing eyes to us as we love her to bits :-)’. Looks like she has endless energy, bet she wolfs down her dog food.












Toby from Michele, appealing eyes even though he has dry eyeMichele sent this photo of Toby, who has been with her since 14th May. She thinks Toby has the most appealing eyes because even in this picture he was already suffering from dry eye and had an ulcer on his right eye but had been suffering in silence, and it wasn't till a week later that he ended up at the vets. Poor Toby will be on treatment for at least the next six months.









Dillan, from Hazel HarringtonHazel sent us this photo of Dillan. She thinks he has the most appealing eyes cos he can get anything he wants from her when he looks like this. ;-)


















Ozzy, from Hazel HarringtonHazel sent this too. She thinks Ozzy is fed up with her and her camera...lol!










Emily, from Carol CrockfordThis is Emily. Carol loves her eyes when she looks at her - it’s like butter wouldn’t melt. We certainly agree!














Ruby Roo, from Karen WoodageRuby Roo is Karen’s, and she is a Chihuahua crossed with a Jack Russell. She only has to look at Karen with those big brown eyes and she gets anything she wants :). Extra helpings of dog food, maybe?








Shadow, from Michelle LappingMichelle says that this is Shadow, he is a Jack Russell crossed with a Papillion. He has very blue eyes as you can see!








Jasper, from Cassandra JamesonJasper is Cassandra’s baby boy (7 months) and he has the most divine eyes. He's an expert at the 'cute dog to get what I want look'. He has his own fan club locally and he's a real comedian too - she just adores him :-)








Hardy, also called Kiss Me Hardy!This is Kiss Me Hardy. He says it’s Hardy for short because I looked at my mum, Tracy, and my eyes say it all i.e. kiss me, so that is how I got my name. by the way, I’m a Schnoodle







Tinka, Julie's baby whippetJulie sent this photo of Tinka, her delightful 14 week Whippet dog-puppy. This photo was taken at his first public outing at a country park. We hope she behaved herself!












Marion's dogIt looks like Marian’s best friend would do anything to get a bag of Cobbydog dog food!!!










Summer, who won best of breedThanks to Donna for sending this photo of Summer. Check out the odd colour and cheeky grin! Donna’s very proud of her, she won Best Puppy In Breed at her first Open show at Evesham & District Canine Society Open show!







17 week old BennyAdrian tells us that this is Benny, he is 17 weeks old and loves Cobbydog, he is one of the pups that he kept from a litter of 10. His mother is a dog we rescued and found out she was pregnant 2 weeks later :-). Here he is appealing for attention and trying every trick in the book to get what he wants! He is even pulling his baby Tongue out to look even more adorable!










Rosie, Benny's mumAnd this is Benny’s mother, Rosie, so you can see where Benny got his good looks. She is a white and tan cross collie also has very appealing eyes, which is why Adrian fell in love with her and just loves both her and her puppies!












DarceyThis is Darcey, she has the definition of puppy dog eyes making it impossible to say no to her! Thank you for sending the photo, Charleigh.













Willow, the cardigan CorgiLottie sent us this picture of Willow, her Cardigan Corgi. She says she has the most appealing eyes, they are full of unconditional love.









Jessie, a Cardigan CorgiAnd this is Willow’s pal Jess, also a Cardigan Corgi from Lottie, who says she has the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen and whenever anyone looks at her they just fall in love

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