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Cobbydog on the radio!!


Two weeks ago we were approached by a lady called Minty Steade to sponsor a charitable fun dog show she was planning. We had a chat about her requirements and asked her kindly for a link from her website to our website and if she would use our logo on the day to promote Cobbydog. To our surprise she said , “I can do more than that. I will invite you onto our radio station and we'll have a chat about what Cobbydog is and how and why you sponsor dog shows!!” Well we were a little apprehensive, but finally (it didn't take much time....) I was nominated as the guinea pig! So away I went and prepared a little in advance. When I say a little, I mean a lot...... forewarned is forearmed?!

Why not have a listen? It's quite funny in parts!!

Katy, Cobbydog

Here is the link to the whole page - our broadcast is dated 19th Sept 2012

Here is the direct link to our broadcast.

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