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Lou Lou the amazing rescue dog

 Rescue dog before a good dog food diet and careToday we received such an incredible story from a lady called Julia Hope. She lives in East Sussex and follows East Sussex Dog Rescue on Facebook East Sussex Dog rescue is a wonderful place where a Dog Warden local to the area advertises dogs, who have been handed in to the local police station, that have been unclaimed.

Lou Lou was handed in to Hastings police station just before Christmas and was unclaimed. Julia found Lou Lou, on this FB page and saw that she needed a loving home. Lou Lou, probably about 3 – 4 years old, had been neglected and had been used as a breeding dog, and when Julia saw her on the internet looking for someone to adopt/foster her, she couldn't do anything but help. Wonderful recovery of cobbydog rescue dogSince the New Year Lou Lou has spent many happy weeks with her new family that includes Julia's family, Eva the Rotti and 5 cats!!

Eva had already been fed for about 6 months on Cobbydog Supreme Chunks, and when Lou Lou arrived Julia fed her the same.

As you can see she has thrived and in Julia's words “Cobbydog Supreme Chunks is a really good quality dog food, rich in all the essential nutrients.”

We would really like to keep a track on Lou lou and follow her story. How about we do an update on Lou Lou in Spring? Yes!!!



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