Cobbydog - Has Your Dog Won A Prize At A Dog Show? Share Your Story Here

Does your dog eat Cobbydog?  Have they won a prize at a show?  Share your pride and join our page.

We often get photos sent to us of dogs who have won prizes at charitable companion and championship shows. These photos are of dogs that eat Cobbydog dog foods and have won prizes such as the “waggiest tail”, “handsomest dog”, the “best in show” or “best puppy in show”. We love to see these photos and we'd really like to give you the opportunity to share your pride in your dog's success.

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Let us introduce you to -


Dog, Jake
Owner, Marian Rickerby

Jake is very pleased with the Cobbydog Lamb and Rice he won for best Veteran at Wymington on the 2nd July.  Well done Jake!  It looks like you are having a well earned rest with your prizes.Jake wins best veteran in show and wins Cobbydog Lamb and Rice





Dogs, Skye, Lotte, and Zac
Owner Angela Russel

Skye, Lotte and Zac. Prize winning dogs eat Cobbydog!Skye on the left, won Best Puppy at Sutton Park 26th July 2011. Lotte in the centre won Best Crossbreed, and Zac on the right won Best Continious Waggy Tail and BIS.  What a lovely photo and so many rosettes!  Well done.  What an achievement!

Zac wins Best in Show at Sutton Park.  Cobbydog dog food.

Zac also won Best in Show.  We hope he enjoys his prize of Cobbydog Supreme Chunks.  He certainly deserves a good treat after all his hard work!


Cobbydog dogs win prizes at Dog Shows.  Good dog food dieteHere they all are again.  This time Lotte, Zac and Skye have won so many prizes at Perry Common Fun Dog Show  Angela and her posse had a excellent day.  They won Best Condition, won Friendliest Dog, 2nd in Best Long Coat, 3rd in Judges Favourite, 3rd in Best Short Coat and 6th in Obedience.Angela tells us " My dogs love Cobby Dog."  Well done!!  We are wondering where all the rossettes are kept, but we think we know what happens to the dog food!







Dogs, Merlin and lily
Owner, Mary Wilde

Merlin and Lily won prizes at Marbury on the 14th May 2011. They have won a number of different prizes and Cobbydog samples at various shows, including Cobbydog Prize Winners Melin and Lily win prizes.  Cobbydog dog food. Daventry. Merlin is not a foody and is reluctant to eat anything at all! Lily is a greedy little Madam and eats everything but she goes potty over Supreme Chunks! 

Cobbydog dog show prize winners

Mary has been to another dog show, Manic Mutts, with Merlin and Lily and this time they won the Companion Dog Club class.  By looking at the photo we think Merlin and Lily are having a well earned rest in the shade!