Cobbydog - About Us And Our Philosophy Regarding Dog Food
Our Philosophy
Cobbydog (a trading division of E and S Feeds) is a family based British dog food manufacturer, based in the Yorkshire Dales. Established in 1975, we have nearly 45 years of experience providing your dogs with sound nutrition.
Contact us at Cobbydog dog foodCobbydog Nutrition developed because of the dedication to dogs of our partners Eddy Horner and Stephen Leigh. Eddy and Stephen made their first dog food in Skipton all those years ago. Their commitment to providing dogs with the highest quality foods was and is unwavering. Cobbydog now has 40 years worth of experience working with all types of dogs and their owners. We take pride in formulating complete dog foods that are both nutritious and healthy. Today the Cobbydog family proudly continue to uphold our high standards and will always strive to give your dogs the high quality nutrition they need.
Our complete dry dog foods are full of vitamins and minerals to provide your dog with:
  • plenty of energy to maintain their fitness.
  • good bone and muscle structure.
  • sound teeth and a glossy coat.
Cobbydog complete dry dog foods are packed full of everything that’s good for your dog!