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Welcome to the Cobbydog Community

Here is the place to share your stories, win great prizes, share your pride and to be part of a community of dog lovers who feed their dogs on Cobbydog!

We will be having a competition each month, in which you will get a chance to enter your dog.  We are going to have novelty classes, such as the “dog/owner look-alike", "dog with the most spots", "smallest/largest dog,” "dog in fancy dress", “the brightest eyes”, “dog the judge would most like to take home” “best six legs” and the list goes on.  Have you got any ideas for a novelty class competition?  Let us know and next month we could use your idea!!!

There will also be a chance to showcase your dogs on our “Have you won a prize at a show?”  Merlin and Lily, two gorgeous dogs, who won prizes at Marbury Show 2011, are setting the ballrolling.

We'll keep our blog upto date, and if there is an issue you would like us to discuss then just let us know!

You could also let us know your news, or something you think should be included in our Cobbydog Community.